OOProduced at our facility, all of these exciting mulches are derived from 100% natural timber and colored through The Wizard Technologies™ Process. These mulches are shredded and cut to a fine texture, and will provide a designer look and burst of color to any home, business, school or public facilities landscape. upon request we can supply your "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch in any color you desire! please note color prices vary and are adjusted accordingly. All products are available in bulk or bagged. For more details call or e-mail us at: info@koolkolormulch.com

Ruby Red "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch
Raspberry Red "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch
Espresso Black "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch
The Gold Rush "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch
Cappuccino Brown "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch
Plum Crazy "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch
Sunset Orange "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch
Mello Yellow "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulch

To our valued customers - In keeping with our commitment to provide you with the finest landscape products available, our complete line of "Kool Kolor" Designer™ Mulches are manufactured using a revolutionary patent pending process developed by Wizard Technologies™. This process produces superior qualities that cannot be duplicated.

For more information on the benefits provided by & other products available through Wizard Technologies™ visit www.wiztech.com